Boy's History and Results

The Galena Boy’s Lacrosse team was founded in February 2005 by Galena High School English Teacher Andrew Haas and student-athletes John McLaughlin and Val Jean “Bud” Clark. Coach Haas grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and played high school ball at WT Woodson High School. He and his family transplanted to Nevada where Haas graduated from Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas.

Students at Galena became interested in lacrosse and Coach Haas supported this interest by applying his understanding of the sport to grow the team. The initial focus was to increase participation by introducing students in his classes to lacrosse. Coach Haas then instructed student-athletes on catching and throwing, and taught them the flow of the game. During the first season, fundamentals and exposure to game play were the emphasis of the program. By the end of spring 2005, the team was practicing four days a week, and had more than 20 members. Being the first team in Reno, there was a lack of competition in the greater Reno/Tahoe/Carson area. However, a chance meeting between Coach Haas and Coach Paul Cowie, who lead a youth lacrosse program in Truckee, CA, culminated in a the team’s first-ever game against another opponent: the Truckee/North Tahoe lacrosse team. 
In the fall of 2005, aspiring Coach James Johnson contacted Coach Haas, and discussed starting a program at Reno High School. The following spring (2006) Galena faced off against the Reno (High Sierra) Huskies team 13 times, collecting 13 victories. The team was led by Captains Matthew Aikin, Trevor Applebaum, and Beau Owens. The 2006 season wrapped up at the team’s first visit to the Sacramento Lacrosse Jamboree. During the 2006 and 2007 seasons, the Galena lacrosse team also supported the start-up and development of teams at both Damonte Ranch and Spanish Springs. 
By spring 2007, Galena added assistant coaches David Kitchin and John Brusoe and competed regularly against Reno, Spanish Springs, Damonte Ranch, and the Truckee team. Jack Burnett and Mike Meachem captained the 2007 team to a .500 season. Attackmen Vance Wilson and Stefan Sobiek established the foundation of the Galena offense with creative stick skills and an emphasis on assists and team passing. Galena made appearances at the Best of the West Lacrosse Tournament in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Lacrosse Jamboree. At both events Galena collected wins and performed reasonably well against regional competition. Galena was the first team to represent the Reno/Tahoe area at these events.

In 2008, captains Ben Wilkes and Mark Hamala led Galena through a 5-3 season. Galena again appeared at the Best of the West Tournament in Las Vegas, and participated in the High Sierra Lacrosse League (HSLL) Tournament where they squared off in the finals against the Vegas Stars from Las Vegas.

Ryan Bauman (#18, A)
In 2009, Juniors Geoff Chrisman and Rhys Caldwell led the HSLL in goals and assists, which made Galena the highest scoring and most assisted team in the young league. Caldwell and Chrisman captained the team with fellow Junior Tom Ferencik, and lead Galena to a 7-2 season. Nine Galena lacrosse players were included in the 23 man roster from Northern Nevada that placed second in their division in the 2009 Best of the West Lacrosse Tournament. 
The 2010 Galena program saw the return of all three 2009 captains. It was a season that touted the formation of Varsity and Junior Varsity lacrosse programs, with a then staggering 60 participants. The season was also marked by record breaking goal and assist scoring. Seniors Geoff Chrisman, Rhys Caldwell, and Austin Bayless broke all of their previous goal and assist records. Their effort on the field, along with their fellow teammates, again propelled Galena to the top of the scoring chart. Galena finished 7-3 in the regular season, and won a high-energy semi-final against Bishop Manogue. Though they played a great regular season and an exciting semi-final, the Grizzlies dropped the final game of the season to the Reno (High Sierra) Huskies in the first-ever HSLL championship game. 
The 2011 season was unique for Galena Lacrosse as long time head coach and program founder, Andrew Haas, stepped down to take over as assistant coach at St Vincent's College in Latrobe, PA. After six winning seasons with the program, Coach Haas turned the team over to assistant coaches Dave Kitchin and John Brusoe for the 2011 season. The new coaching staff gave it their all and furthered the spirit of lacrosse in the student-athletes of Galena High School. The season was a rough go for the Grizzlies who would see their first-ever losing record at 4-8. Following that season, the familiar faces of Coach Dave Kitchin and Coach John Brusoe, who had both been with the team for 4 years, parted ways with the program to pursue their professional careers.
In the fall of 2011, the Galena Lacrosse Program appointed Al Garner as the new head coach. Coach Garner grew up playing lacrosse in the Philadelphia area and played 4 years of collegiate lacrosse, followed by several years of men's club ball. He was joined on the coaching staff by three coaches with east coast pedigrees that share similar collegiate and post-collegiate lacrosse experience: Eric Peacock (Offense), Steve Bulera (Individual Skills), and Curt Wegener (Goalies). Together, the new coaching staff began putting together a game plan for the 2012 season.

Cass Honebein (#77, D) running the clear
In 2012 the Galena Lacrosse program posted a 14-2 overall varsity record going 12-0 in the High Sierra Lacrosse League (HSLL) winning the 2012 HSLL Championship over a long-time opponent in the Reno Huskies. A total of nine Galena varsity players were selected to the HSLL All-League team including three juniors and a sophomore. The Galena JV team went undefeated in six games posting one shut-out victory along the way. Following the HSLL post-season, Galena travelled to Sisters, Oregon for a taste of non-league competition at the SALI tournament. Galena played well on the first day of games posing wins over Mountain View (OR) and Summit (OR). On day two, Galena dropped a lop-sided loss to Bend (OR) and then another loss to Sisters (OR). Overall, a great first season under the new coaching staff which saw the re-birth of  the Grizzlies as a competitive lacrosse program.

2013 saw the return of Coach Garner and the 2012 staff as well as a seasoned group of 17 senior players. The team started the regular season with road trips to play non-conference opponents in California and Idaho. The first in-season trip to California since 2010 resulted in an overtime win over Woodcreek (NCLA-E). One week later, a three-game trip to Boise resulted in one win and two losses against southern Idaho teams. The regular season, non-league competition tested the Galena Program as they wanted to see where they would fit in against their regional counterparts. Following the 2-2 start, the Grizzlies would rattle off another undefeated season in the HSLL going 10-0 en route to their second HSLL title in as many years. Part of the repeat effort was handing the team’s long-time rival, the Reno Huskies, another defeat in the championship game. This year it was even more satisfying as the Grizzlies were on home turf hosting the first ever night lacrosse game in Grizzly Stadium under the lights. Following the league title, the team travelled to Sisters, Oregon for another shot at the SALI Invitational finals. The team secured three wins over Oregon opponents, but dropped two to Summit (OR) including the tournament final. Overall, another great year for Galena Lacrosse and a few more strides forward as the program continues to grow. Go Grizzlies!


2017 Galena Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Results

2016 Galena Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Results

2015 Galena Varsity Boys Results 17-7

HSLL Runner-up
4th Place Finish at NV State Finals

Date OpponentVenueResultScore
21-FebSouth Valley (CA)Redding Soccer ParkL4-16
21-FebElk Grove (CA)Redding Soccer ParkL8-9
22-FebPleasant Grove (CA)Redding Soccer ParkW9-4
3-MarDamonte RanchGalena HSW13-0
11-MarRenoGalena HSW7-3
14-MarCentennial (ID)Reno HSW10-7
14-MarIdaho Falls (ID)Reno HSW11-10
17-MarNorth TahoeGalena HSW12-9
18-MarSpanish SpringsSpanish Springs HSW6-1
24-MarWooster/NVHSGalena HSW9-1
26-MarBishop ManogueGalena HSL10-13
28-MarNorthwest (McQ)McQueen HSW13-3
1-AprWoodcreek (CA)Galena HSW7-6
3-AprNorth TahoeNorth Tahoe HSL9-13
14-AprRenoIdlewild ParkW9-4
16-AprSpanish SpringsGalena HSW14-1
18-AprDamonte Ranch Galena HSW15-1
22-AprWooster/NVHSNorth Valleys HSW16-2
27-AprNorthwest (McQ)Galena HSW18-4
1-MayBishop ManogueBishop Manogue HSW12-7
8-MayReno*Galena HSW8-2
9-MayBishop Manogue**Galena HSL6-10
16-MayBishop Gorman° Spanish Springs HSL9-10
16-MayBishop Manogue°°° Spanish Springs HSL11-15

2014 Galena Varsity Boys Results 21-7

HSLL Champions
Runner-up at Inaugural NV State Finals

Date OpponentVenueResultScore
22-FebFolsom (CA)Redding Soccer ParkL2-7
22-FebElk Grove (CA)Redding Soccer ParkL4-11
23-FebPleasant Grove (CA)Redding Soccer ParkW6-4
7-MarCasa Grande(CA)Casa Grande HSL2-13
8-MarRancho Cotati (CA)Rancho Cotati HSL6-12
11-MarNorth ValleysGalena HSW10-1
14-MarSpanish SpringsSpanish Springs HSW9-2
19-MarTruckeeGalena HSW16-2
21-MarBishop ManogueGalena HSW11-7
24-MarMcQueen (Northwest)McQueen HSW9-5
27-MarRenoGalena HSW10-4
9-AprNorth TahoeGalena HSW10-9
15-AprNorth ValleysNorth Valleys HSW14-5
17-AprSpanish SpringsGalena HSW12-5
22-AprTruckeeTruckee HSW11-0
24-AprNorth TahoeNorth Tahoe HSW11-6
29-AprRenoReno HSW9-1
2-MayBishop ManogueBishop Manogue HSL10-11
5-MayMcQueenGalena HSW7-3
7-MayNorth TahoeGalena HSW9-2
9-MayRenoGalena StadiumW11-6
16-MayMcNary (OR)^Sisters HSW8-7
17-MaySisters (OR)Sisters HSW6-3
17-MaySummit (OR)Sisters HSL0-10
17-MayMountain View (OR)Sisters HSW14-2
18-MayRedmond (OR)Sisters HSW11-1
24-MayGreen Valley°Heritage Park, Henderson, NVW11-8
24-MayBishop Gorman°°Heritage Park, Henderson, NVL5-10

2013 Galena Varsity Boys Results 15-4

Undefeated HSLL Champions
Runner-up at SALI Invitational

Date OpponentVenueResultScore
2-MarWoodcreek (CA)Nevada Union HSW9-8 (OT)
8-MarTimberline (ID)Timberline HSW9-5
9-MarBishop Kelly (ID)Eagle Fields BoiseL3-6
9-MarMountain View (ID)Mountain View HSL4-20
14-MarSpanish SpringsGolden Eagle ComplexW16-5
19-MarMcQueenMcQueen HSW7-5
23-MarRenoReno HSW23-7
28-MarBishop ManogueBishop Manogue HSW18-5
4-AprMcQueenGalena HSW17-2
18-AprRenoGalena HSW12-11
25-AprBishop ManogueGalena HSW19-4
27-AprSpanish SpringsGalena HSW18-3
30-AprBishop ManogueGalena HS*W15-7
4-MayRenoGrizzly Stadium**W17-6
10-MayMcNary (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^W11-2
11-MaySisters (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^W5-3
11-MayMountain View (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^W11-5
11-MaySummit (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^L5-8
11-MaySummit (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^L7-11

2012 Galena Varsity Boys Results 14-2

Undefeated HSLL Champions

Date OpponentVenueResultScore
19-Mar McQueenGalena HSW11-2
21-Mar WoosterGalena HSW14-6
24-Mar Bishop ManogueBishop Manogue HSW16-6
30-Mar Spanish SpringsSpanish Springs HSW9-8 (OT)
3-Apr High SierraReno HSW13-9
16-Apr High SierraGalena HSW15-7
18-Apr Spanish SpringsGalena HSW11-4
20-Apr McQueenMcQueen HSW7-4
24-Apr WoosterWooster HSW14-5
28-Apr Bishop ManogueGalena HSW12-4
1-May McQueenGalena HS*W12-2
4-May High SierraSpanish Springs HS**W10-7
11-May Mountain View (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^W8-7
11-May Summit (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^W10-8
12-May Bend (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^L2-10
12-May Sisters (OR)Sisters HS (OR)^^L1-6
*     HSLL Semi-final
**   HSLL Final
°    NV State Semifinal
°°   NV State Finals
°°° NV State Consolation
^    SALI Regulation
^^  SALI Tourney 20-minute Running Halves

Note: the schedules do not contain scrimmages.

2011 Galena Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Results