Girl's History and Results

The Galena Girl's Lacrosse program began in the spring of 2008 due to interest in the game from female student-athletes at Galena High School. Similar to the start of the boy's lacrosse team, Galena High School English Teacher Andrew Haas fostered the growth of the girls team by providing space and as much coaching and administrative help as possible to get them started. 

Madison Bulera , #4, Midfield
During the spring of 2008 one other local high school, Reno, also fielded a girl's team. The Galena girls and the Reno girls faced off against one another many times over that first season. Each roster had around 15 players and both teams were coached by former college-level, women's lacrosse players that had transplanted to the Reno area. The exact results of the games are unknown, but reports are that the teams split a season's worth of games.

In 2009 Spanish Springs fielded a girl's lacrosse team bringing the number of local girl's teams to three. Similar to 2008, the 2009 season saw a round-robin schedule between the three teams with Galena and Reno taking most of the victories.

Melissa Paulsen, #16, Midfield 
2010 through 2011 were very much the same as the 2009 season, though participation was increasing on each of the teams and new players were joining at every practice. Players from schools without girls programs would join one of the three established teams and learn the game. The coaching and officiating at this point in time was done primarily by women from the UNR Wolfpack team. The UNR Women's team was looking to get into the community to help promote the sport and give themselves a recruiting pool to draw from as the college team grew.

2012 saw a formalization of the Galena girl's team as two full time coaches (Rachel Kral and Alex Treadwell) stepped up to lead the program. The team played very well under their new coaches and went undefeated capturing the first ever HSLL Girls Lacrosse Championship.

Cyd Curle, #14, Center
In 2013 four new teams joined the high school girl's league: North Tahoe, Bishop Manogue, McQueen, and North Valleys. Students from McQueen and Reno had been playing together for years are they were ready for a formal separation to create their own team. The numbers didn't quite work out to make the split reality, so they formed a "school-neutral" team called NW Coyote. New teams presented a challenge for Galena as they would play twice as many teams on their 2013 schedule as they had in the past. Though the schedule was deeper and the season longer and more difficult, Galena prevailed again in 2013 and repeated as HSLL Girl's Lacrosse Champions.

The Galena girl's team continued to grow in numbers and strength over the next
few years under the guidance of Head Coach Brandon Riggs. The girl's continued their winning seasons and held onto their Northern Nevada
Championship title in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Kaija Hess, #12, Midfield
In 2017 Diana Hopper came on as the new Head Coach with San Diego State standout, Felice Artuso as Assistant Coach. After losing 8 seniors, the pair rallied to strengthen the team again and succeeded with another Northern Nevada Championship title. The team finished off an exciting season by finishing 2nd in the state to Desert Hills during the State Championships held at Bishop Manogue. Our student athletes also prevailed in 2017 with 3 players making All American and All Academic with US Lacrosse and our own Melissa Paulsen winning the coveted Jackie Pitts Award.

Coach Hopper continued as Head Coach for the 2018 season, with Steve Rovig assisting. The team finished the season off in first place but narrowly missed taking the Northern Nevada Championship, losing by 1pt in the final seconds of the game to TNT.

Baylee Mee, #13, Midfield/Center
2019 brought on Head Coach Justin Cutler, a former collegiate player and youth coach for both boys and girls. Justin was assisted by Steve Rovig and newcomers Grant Wigmore, Leigh Macey and Jay Mee, all youth coaches as well. Their dedication to the sport proved to be an asset for this team! Working through a transitional year, the girls had an amazing 16-3 season but ended up finishing second in season play to TNT only by having a few more goals against. This was also the first year the girls missed the championship game having lost to Oasis by 1pt in the semi-finals. It's exciting to see the competitiveness of the league grow as Galena no longer stands on their own....they will continue to have to fight for winning seasons!

Wow - 2020 became a year we won't forget. The 2020 team was strong and poised to take back the Northern Nevada Championship, the girls looked forward to heading to Vegas for States but all that was cut short by the COVID-19 Pandemic when the season ended just two games in. With a 2-0 record, they went out on top and proved in that final game against the reigning No. NV Champs, Bishop Manogue, they were going to be the dominate team this season. Coming from a 0-4 deficit, the girls showed their grit with a final 13-7 score....a great way to finish the season, even though they didn't know that was the end.


Results from 2013-2020 can be downloaded here.